My name is Danielle Roach but the children know me as Dani.  I have a son who attended Hutton Pre-school from and is the third generation of my family to attend Hutton Pre-school.    I had my son in 2010 which reshaped my outlook on life and career. I then went onto to achieve my Level 1 and 2 in British Sign Language to support the children in the deaf community. I was a professional singer and continued music via songwriting for record labels whilst at home with my son.   I incorporated this at home, seeing how music created a positive impact on my son’s learning.   I asked if I could do a voluntary music and movement session at Hutton Pre-school when he was attending.  The most satisfying and rewarding experience was seeing all the happy, excited and engaged children in the session. I then went on to achieve my Level 2 in Early Years Workforce and then began working for Hutton Pre-school in January 201.  My son was diagnosed with autism and I decided to take an exam achieving a Level 2 in understanding autism in September 2018.  I have a passion to support children in learning through play and sensory, and creating an inclusive environment for all needs and abilities along with my passion for music and performance.  Never a day is the same with the varied choices to be had at Hutton Pre-School, always positive and enriched.