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Below are some of the comments that Ofsted has given to Hutton Pre-school following our latest inspection on 11 December 2018.  Our provision was graded ‘Good’ and we are very pleased to have maintained this level of care since 1999.

Inspection findings Effectiveness of leadership and management is good

Safeguarding is effective. Recruitment and vetting processes are rigorous. This ensures that all staff are suitable to work with children. Staff have a good understanding of child protection issues and the processes to follow should they have concerns about children’s welfare. Staff encourage children to share their ideas about the types of toys and resources that interest them. Their feedback is valued and staff plan activities that engage and excite children.

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment is good

The organisation of group activities provides a high level of support for less-confident children, helping them to engage and sustain concentration. Staff skilfully ask questions to develop children’s thinking and problem-solving skills. They consistently allow them the time to think and respond. Staff observe children during their play and make accurate assessments of their development. They use this information to plan individual next steps for children’s ongoing learning. Staff interact in children’s play, extending their ideas to help them embed knowledge and skills. Children explore mixing a variety of materials, such as sand, water, pine cones and conkers, as they engage their imagination while playing in the mud kitchen. Children busily make pretend cups of coffee or thoroughly enjoy stomping in the low-level water tray. Older children gently remind younger ones about wearing wellington boots to stop their feet getting wet. Staff use a variety of ways to promote children’s communication and language development, including those children who speak English as an additional language. For example, children sing familiar nursery rhymes and use picture cards to help communicate their needs.

Personal development, behaviour and welfare are good

Children form strong bonds with staff. This helps to support their emotional well-being and gives them the confidence to explore their environment. Staff give children plenty of praise and encouragement to promote their self-esteem. Staff promote children’s independence well. For example, children pour their own drinks and self-register by placing their name card on to the registration board. Staff work closely with parents to include them in their child’s learning.  Children enjoy daily opportunities to play outside in the fresh air. Children are supported by staff to keep themselves safe as they use a wide range of equipment.

Outcomes for children are good

Children acquire the key skills needed for the next stage in learning and eventual move to school. They are encouraged to be healthy, enjoying nutritious snacks and plenty of opportunities to take part in physical play. Children are curious and eager to explore. Children develop their early mathematical skills as they fill and empty containers, exploring volume and capacity as they play with water and sand.